FBO – Festival Box Office

FBO – Festival Box Office is an Internet platform that collects relevant data and numbers related to film screenings at festivals, with emphasis on the festival presentation of European films. Being an interactive platform, it provides quantitative data on a film’s performance at festivals (number of visitors, number of festival screenings, number of festivals where the film was screened and total film revenue).

Festival Box Office will collect information about the number of festival visitors and the total revenue of films participating in certain festivals, with the main emphasis being placed on European films and festivals. These important bits of information shall provide insight into a film’s success outside the regular distribution in cinemas. As such, this data may be relevant performance indicators for producers, directors, festivals, sales agents and funders…

The detailed overview of a film’s festival appearance offered by FBO can serve as a powerful tool to develop film distribution and enhance film production. This is a data base of great importance for the entire film industry, as it provides a detailed evaluation of the films’ performance at festivals, audience feedback and commercial success.