National name Republic of Serbia

Capital Belgrade

Language Serbian

Alphabet Cyrillic and Latin

Area 88,361 km2

Population 7,209,764 Belgrade about 2,000,000

Time zone GMT +1

Currency Serbian dinar (RSD) 123RSR=1Euro (app)

 Serbia is located in South-East Europe and on the Balkan peninsula. It was one of the republics constituting former Yugoslavia, namely it was the federation’s largest member.

It is bordered by Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the West; Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro to the South; Romania and Bulgaria to the East and Hungary to the North.

Serbia is in the process of accession to the EU and in the years to follow will join its neighbours in this organisation. Serbia is a republic with parliamentary democracy.

Serbs make up for the majority of the population, but the ethnic and cultural bounty is made up of over 40 different peoples living in this area. Religion is dominantly Christian and Orthodox; however, other religions are represented as well.

After the restoration of democracy Serbia opened its borders and developed into an interesting tourist destination, primarily for the youth; however, the country can offer something interesting for each category of visitors.

Belgrade is the capital, a lively, dynamic city with a population of two million. It is the administrative and cultural centre of Serbia and the region (i.e. the South-West Balkans).

Belgrade has become a popular destination for many tourists and is renowned as place where one can have a great time, enjoy good food and a 24 hour night life cycle. The Danube and Sava, rivers that cut through the city, have evolved into hubs housing popular night clubs, river floats, boats and exceptional fish restaurants.

The atypical spirit of the city as well as all of its inhabitants has contributed to creating an image of Belgrade as an exotic, vibrant city where one lives their life to the fullest.


Serbia is located on the continental mass of the Balkan peninsula that is surrounded by warm seas (Adriatic, Aegean and Black Sea) whereas to the North it leans into the European continent. An additional crucial factor setting the climate in Serbia is the relief. Roughly speaking, it can be said that Continental is prevalent in the North, Humid Continental in the South and Alpine climate in high mountains. Winters in Serbia are short, cold and snowy, whereas summers are hot. January is the coldest and July is the hottest month of the year. Median annual temperature in Serbia is 10.9 °C (for areas under 300 metres above sea level), 10 °C (300-500 metres), 6 °C (1000—1500 metres), 3 °C (above 1500 metres). Average annual precipitation is 896mm. Most rain falls in May and June, while February and October are the driest months.


Due to its favourable geographic position, Serbia is well connected to all countries throughout Europe and the globe. Al major airline carriers land on Belgrade airport.

There is high intensity of transport connections to the countries in the region and all customs and administrative procedures applicable in the EU apply in Serbia as well.

Miroslav Mogorović

Executive Producer


Stefan Mladenović

Line Producer


Stefan Mladenović joined the company at the moment the company was expanding towards European co-productions and executive productions.

He gained vast experience collaborating with French, German, Dutch, Belgian, Greek and Spanish companies on the movies that Art and popcorn performed Production or Executive Production duties.

Fluent in English and French, he easily communicates with foreign Producers and is a reliable link with the crew.

During these years, Art and popcorn gathered a highly capable and reliable production crew; crew members are fluent in English and used to working with foreign crews.

We are also capable of gathering a capable crew at any given time, both in terms of authorship and technical backup to implement a project, regardless of its production capacity.

The development of the film industry was accompanied by developments in all accompanying equipment.

A wide range of facilities and equipment needed for forming a Base Camp (wardrobe, make up trailers, actor trailers, production office trailer, etc), crew and material transportation vehicles, as well as craft & catering services can be found in Serbia.

Equipment rentals developed alongside the development of film industry in Serbia.

Over the previous dozen years Serbia has also become alluring for foreign production establishments due to financially favourable filming conditions, which also led to the expansion of equipment on offer.

In its work, ART&POPCORN had the chance to cooperate with all relevant equipment rentals and to test the majority of available equipment.

Rentals in Serbia have excellent cooperation with foreign rentals and if a piece of equipment is not available locally it can be obtained abroad and delivered to the set within days.

All cameras that represent filmmaking standard are available, as follows: ARRI Alexa Studio, ARRI Alexa Plus, RED EPIC, Red One, Red One MX, HD SONY HDW790, HD SONY HDW900 – CINEALTA, SONY PMW F3… and many others as well.

Lenses were also adapted to European and American standards and the following are widely in use: Master Ultra Prime, Ultra Prime, Cook S4I, Zeiss Anamorfic, Angenie and others. Anything unavailable in Serbian rentals can be ordered within two days and delivered to Serbia by foreign rental partners.

A wide array of lighting and set equipment is available.

Most Serbian rentals have Daylight, Led, Tungsten, Flurescent, Shimera lighting and all accompanying equipment.

Set lights, various dollies, cranes, rigging equipment for all types of vehicles and camera cars are also on offer.

Several silent and super silent generators of different capacities are available to power any set.


Serbia and its abundant cultural heritage have created an area teeming with exceptionally diverse locations.

Traces of Secession and various architecture and art movements of the Habsburg Empire can be found scattered throughout the North of the country; the Turkish occupation left a wealth of Turkish and Islamic architecture and art; also, the Communist era (1945 – 1991) must not be forgotten, with its grandiose Socialist Realist structures.

Belgrade, as a proper capital, radiates urban spirit and architecture. Examples of old architecture styles can be found; however, the country progressed tremendously over the previous fifteen years, which led to the expansion of construction and a significant number of high-end contemporary buildings.

In terms of exploring more distant history, locations of exceptional historical and cultural significance can be found. Starting from the Roman age, through the Byzantine era which can for the most part be seen in churches and monasteries, we come to medieval fortresses that are especially intriguing filming locations.

Belgrade and all major cities in Serbia have the necessary infrastructure in terms of accommodation capacity for film crews and – most importantly – all locations are not more than a four-hour ride away, there is the possibility of travelling by train or even plane to Niš.

For a country with a population of ten million, Serbia possesses a broad range of spots of overwhelming natural beauty and architectural rarities.


Serbia and Belgrade possess a broad range of filming studios equipped with contemporary equipment, technical aids and logistics.

The most advanced studio with complete infrastructural facilities is located in the vicinity of Belgrade (15 minutes by car). It is composed of 9 studios and 12 hectares of accompanying land. It has complete production and production support services for film, television, commercial and music video productions.

A large state-owned studio, providing for huge construction possibilities, is located in the centre of Belgrade.

If the client opts for a smaller and more intimate studio, there are several studios in Belgrade that provide that with all accompanying infrastructure.

Serbia can boast a large number of high-quality Production Designers and Art Directors and workers in set constructions and scenography. They are accustomed to working with foreign productions and fit into foreign normative easily.

In its broad experience of cooperation and working o European productions and executive productions, Art and Popcorn had the good fortune of cooperating with numerous Production Designers and Art Directors in the creation and construction of film sets.


Art and Popcorn worked on films of lower, mid-range and higher production value.

We have a production team and the ability to organize any set, whether it is small and intimate or a huge one with a large crew, a throng of extras and wide area to control.

Capable and professional team members, backed by all necessary equipment and infrastructure, make film sets work and provide for optimum filming conditions.