The Serbian-Australian writer B. Wongar “Sreten Bozic” fled his native Yugoslavia in the 1950s, worked with Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir in Paris, and ended up in Australia in 1960. He still lives there, in a remote locale, together with his six dingoes. The Serbian filmmaker Andrijana Stojkovic follows Wongar in his chaotic home, dominated by old newspapers, black-and-white photos of Aboriginals and an ancient typewriter.
Stojkovic shows Wongar without commentary, and without dwelling on the details of his illustrious career and eventful life. She prefers to focus on the intimate and loving moments between Wongar and his faithful four-legged friends, whom he believes embody the spirits of his dead family members. This combines with powerful images from an Aboriginal theater piece and Wongar’s voice-over reading from his own work, producing a poetic and contemplative portrait that goes far beyond an anecdotal treatment of his life.

Original Title: Wongar
English Title: Wongar
Production Company: Art & Popcorn (Serbia)
Co-production Company: All Inclusive Films (Serbia)
Language: English
Duration: 60 min
Genre: Documentary
Supported by: Ministry of Culture and information (Serbia), Film Center Serbia
Year of Production: 2018

Director: Andijana Stojković

Screenplay: Andrijana Stojković

Director of photography: Joao Ribeiro

Music by: Vladimir Kolarić

Edited by: Andrijana Stojković, M. Cem Oztufekci

Sound designer: Aleksandar Protić

Producer: Miroslav Mogorović – Art & Popcorn

Co-producer: Jelena Stanković – All Inclusive Films

B. Wongar – Sreten Božić

Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival 2018 – Winner Grand Prix Documentary Feature Film

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2019
Krakow Film Festival 2019
Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival 2018