Six tales of love unfolding at six distinct locations worldwide. A musical.

A young couple, Julie and Rashid, are trying to improve their social life divided by love; Satoshi, a lonely computer technician, falls in love with a woman on a video clip; Ben and Luc fight their love for the same sex with much effort and sentiment; Maria, a soap opera addict meets her favourite TV star after a traffic accident; Brooklyn taxi driver Sean is teeming with jealousy; and Milja, owner of a wedding gown shop in Belgrade, does not want to continue her 15-year long relationship with Dušan…

Through this thick web of various intertwined storytelling lines, pop songs of the band Naked Lunch underscore the protagonists’ emotional states and round up many fleeting  moments in which love is expressed.


Art & Popcorn, Belgrade
KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele
Filmproduction, Vienna
Red Lion, Luxembourg

Running Time: 80 min

Genre: drama

Director: Thomas Woschitz

Script: Thomas Woschitz


Pol Cruchten
Jeanne Geiben
Gaetan Rousseau
Miroslav Mogorović

Director of Photography: Enyo Brandner

Editor: Thomas Woschitz

Composer: Naked Lunch

Anica Dobra

Dušan Ašković

Daniel Priel

Sascha Migge

Erom Cordeiro

Magda Gomes

Kyoichi Komoto

Stefan Arsenijević

Gordana Angelovska

Marguerite Anselin

Abdel Kader Azouz

Dan Burkarth

Erom Cordeiro

Mona Rachel Dorfman

Karina Duarte

Hrefna Einarsdottir

Matt Fitzgerald

Sri Gordon

Makiko Kawai

Pierre Lopez

Manuel Luna

Liza Machover

Jaquelline Macoeh

Vladimir Majorov

Sofiane Mazouz

Samir Menouar

Sascha Migge

Budimir Milosavljević

Sou Mizuki

Daniel Plier

Kazuto Taguchi

Johnny Williams

  • 2008 Toronto International Film Festival