When the migrant crisis started, STRAHINJA (28) and his wife ABABUO (28) left Ghana seeking for better life. Now they are stuck in a Belgrade Refugee Camp.
A football player on trial for a local club, a volunteer for the Red Cross, Strahinja works hard to get the asylum. But the process is long and Ababuo feels unfulfilled with her current life.
One night a new group of Syrian refugees arrives. Among them ALI (39), a charismatic left-wing activist. Ababuo mocks him. But the next day, Ababuo is gone. She left with Ali. Without any explanation.
Strahinja starts the Balkan migrant route with completely different reasons than anyone else. For love.
The film is a contemporary adaptation of the medieval Serbian epic poem Banović Strahinja.

Original Title: Strahinja
English Title: Strahinja
Production Company: Art & Popcorn (Serbia)
Co-production Companies: Luxembourg – Les Films Fauves; France – Surprise Alley; Bulgaria – Chouchkov Brothers, Lithuania – Artbox
Executive Production Company: Art & Popcorn
Languages: English, Serbian
Duration: 95 min
Genre: Drama
Supported by: Film Center Serbia, CNC (France), Film Fund Luxembourg, Bulgarian National Film Center

Director: Stefan Arsenijević

Writer: Stefan Arsenijević, Bojan Vuletić

Director of photography: Jelena Stanković

Production design: Zorana Petrov

Edited by: Vanja Kovačević

Costume designer: Carine Rando de Felice

Make-up artist: Sophie Garlinskas

Sound designer: Boris Trayanov

Producer: Miroslav Mogorović – Art & Popcorn

Co-producers: Gilles Chanial – Les Films Fauves; Alice Ormières, Myrina Mané – Surprise Alley; Borislav Chouchkov – Chouchkov Brothers

Executive producer: Miroslav Mogorović – Art & Popcorn

Line producer: Stefan Mladenović – Art & Popcorn

Ibrahim Koma

Nancy Mensah-Offei

Maxim Khalil

Rami Farah

Nebojša Dugalić