New Belgrade, the part of Belgrade conceived as the socialist-realist city of the future. Concrete and melancholy. And daily lives. Anica, in her late thirties, dissatisfied with her life, decides to steal a sizable amount of money and leave the country forever. The film follows her around on her last day, from dawn till dusk. She quietly says her goodbyes, has her small revenges she dreamed of, says what she had always wanted and gives away things she can not take away with her. Through that single day we can put together an image of her entire life.

Everything would more or less go down as planned if Stanislav, a young man from the neighbourhood, ten years younger than her, did not express his love for her on that same day and she starts wondering – what if that is the love of her life?

Year of production: 2008


Art&Popcorn, Belgrade
Coin Film, Cologne
KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriela Production, Vienna
Studio Arkadena, Ljubljana

Running Time: 100 min

Genre: drama

Director: Stefan Arsenijević

Script: Stefan Arsenijević, Bojan Vuletić, Srdjan Koljević


Miroslav Mogorović
Janez Kovic
Gabrielle Kranzelbinder
Herbert Schwering

Director of Photography: Simon Tanšek

Editor: Andrew Bird

Production designer: Volker Schaeffer

Costume Designer: Veronika Albert, Nebojša Lipanović

Composer: Oliver Welter

Key Make Up: Sandra Ivatović

Anica Dobra

Vuk Kostić

Feđa Stojanović

Milena Dravić

Hanna Schwamborn

Ljubomir Bandović

Anita Mančić

Dušica Žegarac

Josif Tatić

Semka Sokolović Bertok

Ana Marković

Zoran Cvijanović

Ljubomir bandović

Strahinja Bojović

Marko Đurović

Ivan Jeftović

Dragan Krtolina

Igor Pervić

Ljiljana Stjepanović

Josif Tatić

Dušica Žegarac


  • 58th Berlinale, Germany – Panorama Special
  • Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria – Best Director Award
  • GoEast Film Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany – Best Director Award
  • Crossing Europe Film Festival, Linz, Austria– Audience Award
  • Cinema City Film Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia – Best Serbian Film
  • Bursa International Film festival – Silkroad, Turkey – Best Director Award
  • 1st Banjaluka International Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival, United Kingdom
  • 43rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic
  • 15th European Film Festival Palic, Serbia
  • 21st Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland
  • 22nd International Directors Film Festival, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
  • 35th Ghent International Film Festival, Belgium
  • 2nd Kaunas International Film Festival, Lithuania
  • 23rd Warsaw International Film Festival, Poland
  • 24th Haifa International Film Festival, Israel
  • 1st Leskovac International Film Festival LIFFE, Serbia
  • 2nd International Film Festival  “2morrow”, Moscow, Russia
  • 6th Zagreb Film Festival, Croatia
  • 11th Slovenian Film Festival, Portoroz, Slovenia
  • 38th Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival, Ukraina
  • Arras International Film Festival, France
  • Starz Denver Film Festival, USA
  • 12th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia;
  • 9th Tbilissi International Film Festival, Georgia