Agi is a lonely nine-year-old boy for whom his parents can never spare the time. His family moves house frequently and Agi does not manage to make friends and learn how to treat people. Mum and Dad are too busy and completely submerged in the cruel laws of present-day life.

Agi  is left to his own devices as he sees his parents only on photographs.

This, however, is about to change.

After another one of his many house moves, Agi meets Ema who lives in the neighbouring decrepit house. Ema is a cheerful and curious elderly lady who is 30200 days (83years) old, which does not prevent her from becoming Agi’s only and best friend. They spend an autumn ‘learning to live’ and exploring the finely wrought world of children in which adults can not even fit, let alone begin to understand it.

Year of production: 2007



Format: Color, HD/35mm

Running time: 90min

Script: Milutin Petrović po knjizi Igora Kolarova

Director: Milutin Petrović


Miroslav Mogorović
Predrag Bamić
Milutin Petrović

Director of Photography: Predrag Bambić

Supervisor of scenery: Aleksandar Saša Denić

Set Design: Ivana Stefanović

Costume Designer: Mirjana Ostojić

Editor: Petar Jakonjić, Miluton Petrović

Milena Dravić

Stefan Lazarević

Dragan Mićanović

Ana Sofrenović

Nikola Đuričko

Lena Bogdanović

Boris Milivojević

Nađa Sekulić

Slobodan Boda Ninković

Igor Bojović

Dejan Đurović

Milica Gutović

Ana Bjelica

Marko Visekruna

Stefano Nocerino

Aleksa Miloradović

Đole Manić

Jovana Milanov

Vanja Srdić

Milica Spasojević

Ljubica Petrović

Senja Radonjić

Vera Petrović

Bojana Ristić

Vladislava Vojinović

Duška Radonjić

Gavrilo Vučetić

Tanja Balšić

Ivana Stefanović

Jelena Petrović

  • 1st Serbian Film Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • 36th Sopot Film Festival, Sopot, Serbia – Best Actresses Award
  • 31st Film Screenplay Festival Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia
  • 42nd Serbian Actors Film Festival, Niš, Serbia
  • Serbian FIPRESCI Annual Award – Best Actresses Award
  • 12th Schlingel Film Festival, Chemnitz, Germany
  • 15th Golden Elephant, Hyderabad, India