Through the conversation with Yugoslav film authors and excerpts from their films, this documentary film tells a story of a film phenomenon and censorship, and its focus is, in fact, a painful epoch of Yugoslav film called “a Black Wave”, which was the most important and artistically strongest period of Yugoslav film industry, created in the sixties and buried in the early seventies by means of ideological and political decisions.

The film tells a great “thriller” story of the ideological madness which characterised the totalitarian psychology having left multiple consequences felt up to our very days. It stresses similarities between totalitarian regimes defending their taboos on the example of the persecution of the most important Yugoslav film authors. Those film authors have, however, made world careers and inspired many later authors.

The film is the beginning of a debt pay-off to the most significant Yugoslav film authors.

Director: Dinko Tucaković, Milan Nikodijević

Script: Milan Nikodijević

Composer: Rastko Čolić, Borislav Stanojević

Director of Photography: Goran Volarević

Editor: Nikola Dragović, Petar Jakonić, Marko

Producers: Milan Nikodijevic, Dinko Tucakovic, Miroslav Mogorovic

Karpo Aimović-Godina (as him self)

Bahrudin ‘Bato’ Čengić (as him self)

Mladomir ‘Puriša’ Đorđević (as him self)

Dušan Makavejev (as him self)

Gordan Mihić (as her self)

Živojin Pavlović (as him self)

Aleksandar Petrović (as him self)

Slobodan Šijan (as him self)

Lazar Stojanović (as him self)

Želimir Žilnik (as him self)

Borislav Anđelić (as him self)

Tomislav Gotovac (as him self)

Milena Pavlović (as her self)

Snežana Pavlović (as her self)

Zdravko Randić (as him self)

Dimitrije Vojnov (as him self)

Dragoljub Vojnov (as him self)

Branko Vučićević (as him self)

Radoslav Zelenović (as him self)

Vladan Živković (as him self)



  • 35th Belgrade International Film Festival FEST, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Zagreb DOx, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 54th Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 31st Film Screenplay Festival Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia
  • 6th Docufest Prizren, Prizern, UNMIK Kosovo


  • 19th Trieste Film Festival, Trieste, Italy