The Love Europe Project, combines 9 episodes in a film, where Europe is revealed again by the eyes and everyday life of people of diverse origin. The Love Europe Project embarks on a journey providing insight into different life story and every day situation of the Europeans.
LIKE A BIRD is one of the 9 stories told in a film.
While a daughter dreams of being free as a bird, her mother has to suffer as a seamstress in a factory under a despotic boss. Until the moment she decides to stop letting that happen.

Original Title: Kao Ptica
English Title: Like a Bird
Production Company: HFF München, Gabriela Sperl Film, Fernsehproduktion
Co-production Company: Art & Popcorn
Language: Serbian
Duration: 10 mins
Genre: Drama
Year of production: 2019

Director: Michaela Kezele

Writer: Michaela Kezele

Producer: Gabriela Sperl

Co-producer: Miroslav Mogorović

Line Producer: Stefan Mladenović

Director of Photography: Morten Soborg

Production Designer: Sonja Jovanović

Costume Designer: Dragana Lađevac

Key Make up: Ana Dragojević

Slavko Štimac

Zrinka Cvitešić

Leni Erceg

Aleksandra Janković

Mina Mogorović